Why GITSA Assessment Tools


Based on proven sales force competencies model and industry best practices.


Connect competencies with best practices behavior for successful profiles.


Offer the most relevant and modern performance assessments.


Available to help boost individual and sales team performance!

Value Propositions

Our proprietary competency assessment and analytics help you:

  • Predict candidate performance potential
  • Identify areas of strengths and weaknesses
  • Guide you in developing effective sales team members
  • Recognize qualified candidates with future sales management and leadership potential

GITSA's Assessment Pyramid

GITSA's Assessment Solutions Process

We collect evidence about how well your sales team matches 21st century competencies and behavioral indicators at all levels of the Agency distribution structure in order to maximize performance.

GITSA's Assessment Solutions

Your first step to improving sales team performance. Pick the solution that helps you achieve your new recruits and sales leaders’ performance improvement strategy and objective.

New Recruit Performance Assessment

GITSA’s STAR® focuses on determining if the candidates possess the characters and traits needed to succeed in a sales career.


STAR® helps answer the question:

How can I speed up new recruits’ activation?

Producer Performance Assessment

GITSA’s CHAMP® focuses on improving producer abilities and driving top-line performance. It identifies areas that negatively affect sales results.


CHAMP® helps answer the question:

How can I optimize my sales skills to become a sales champion?

Unit Manager Performance Assessment

GITSA’s JIGSAW® is a highly-effective assessment tool that measures the recruitment capabilities of your unit managers and agency managers.


JIGSAW® helps answer the question:

How can I improve my capability to solve the recruitment game and exceed company expectations?

Sales Manager Performance Assessment

GITSA’s SCORE® analyzes the behavior of sales managers in performing key tasks and discovers their ability to deliver the sales management promised in your company.


SCORE® helps answer the question:

Do I have what it takes to master the sales management craft for sustainable performance?

Sales Leader Performance Assessment

GITSA’s XCEL® objectively measures critical sales leadership competencies that are required to be effective leaders.

XCEL® helps answer the question:

How can I excel at being a true agency leader?

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